Linda Emerson - Artist


I have always loved Pukas. Starting from a figure painting class in the mid 70s, my professor challenged me to ‘paint and then see what you can see in it’. I saw a Rabbit Party, and have been entranced with painting rabbits with human traits, socializing with humans naturally. I may be that rabbit myself!


I have loved Dogs all my Life. They have been my constant companions, and very dear to my Heart. My first dog was a German Shepherd. Prince. I loved how happy he was to greet me when I came home. During my marriage of 27 years, I have always had dogs--Great Danes, Labs and Spaniels. Dogs were a challenge to draw at first, but I persevered. They learned to mind me staying still ( mostly)-- and i worked with photos as well.

As any dog lover knows, the unconditional Love from one's pet is wonderful. The bond between a human and animal "friend" is truely amazing and unique. I have painted all my dogs, and each one is a special memory.


I have always loved capturing the special attributes of people I know, so portraits continue to be one of the many genres I shall continue throughout my career.


My Fences paintings from the mid 90s became an extension of my love of abstraction. I discovered this form of expression and it became a series.


The Surreal series came from the great social conflicts of the late 60s/70s. Like Dali and the Surrealists of the 30s, I dove inward and discovered my dreams, discovering and revealing that fantastic ‘Inner World’ within us all.”


My college lithography professor in Salt Lake re-inforced ‘Design to the edge of the Stone.’ It was he who inspired me to think abstractly.